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I know you all said that he doesn't feel love or whatnot, but I'm sure he felt a deep obsession over Shiloh and that's what he is trying to replicate with Billie.

Her tits on the other hand… they hang like a 50 year old due to prolonged breastfeeding. Braless bouncing tits. I'm also sure us life seems very luxurious in the eyes of 16 yeR olds. Good family bonding too. Everything else you said was spot on. Eugenia cooney nude pics. And the thing is, he's severely mentally ill compared to either of them. Not sure if I agree. I was best friends with a girl in high school and people always fucking assumed we were dating, and refused to believe either of us when we said we weren't.

It also helps that Richie actually has musical talent, unlike Grease. I feel for Lainey like woah right now. Sexy black girls pissing. I would usually sympathise with the party who was cheated on but I have no respect for Ayalla and her childish short sighted antics that have made her another tool for the Onion king.

Lainey has an online Psychology degree without a MA, so she's going fucking nowhere with that. She breastfeeds, so she's sleeping in hour bursts at odd hours of the day and night.

IDK sage for off-topic and Grease being an asshole who started a witch hunt on a possibly mentally ill teenager. Anyway, I fear if I keep posting about him then I'm just going to derail the thread about this side creep instead of the main creep. She also has a toddler to take care of while Greg pretends he's a teen like his harem and plays vidya instead of helping her parent. There is no way that is psychologically healthy, for him nor his wives.

Doesn't seem like Lainey is watching Troy, so… wonder what she's doing. Do you also have problems with Youtubers who smoke? Although where that child's parents are…? Lainey and Greg are both shitty parents, exposing their children to this environment and making them victims in their little sex games. I've changed my mind. Well she still looks over it. Even when she was laughing at the people trying to help, it just felt like she was spewing what onion cunt had shoved down her throat and going along with it.

I'm speaking of them specifically of course. He's allowed to marry Tay at 18, she's an adult. Greg thinks shaming and guilting someone will snap them out of a mental illness or convince them to get help.

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You can discuss the update here. Shaved milf pussy tumblr. I don't know how Onion usually films him videos that aren't just sitting in front of the camera but I thought it might be possible that that's the case. In that case, maybe it wasn't to make people harass her but to create drama.

Oh right, Billie would. Eugenia cooney nude pics. That way, he would have Shiloh, and the rest that would've followed. She just pushed a tiny human out of her ladybits. I think there are loopholes with 16 and 17 year olds, but at his age, no self respecting cop would ever look at this and think it's okay. Even if she suddenly grows up, manages to leave him and build up a decent life for herself and the kids, she'll always be stuck with the damage and the memories.

By VersusApril 11, Easiest way to make Taylor ass-pained is to not give a damn about imaginary issues that only exists in a Tumblrite's head. You currently have javascript disabled. Sexy nude black moms. Because onion totally doesn't check this board or anything, so spelling out your master plan here won't spoil it or influence onion at all.

Besides, who doesn't want to do something fun and cute to spend time with their kids? Came in to preach about small teddies, after seeing all these pics This guy is 60 years old with a teenage daughter, I really hope she doesn't ever come across this hidden stash of Billie and Ayalla screenshots on his computer. Because Onion is pretty anti-religion. She's becoming a creepy stalker ex-girlfriend. This is the sort of shit that abusive religious parents do when they find out their kid is an atheist or gay: Onion can't compose music or write lyrics worth shit.

She's fucking pathetic and a disgrace of a mother.

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Best argument ive heard on this topic to date. Who does she think she's fooling? A 30 year old man. This is more studio than actual home. She's an immature retard and is probably afraid of him talking shit about her in future videos if she actually fucks him over and gets a sliver of her dignity back.

Are you sexually attracted to every straight woman you're in a friendship with? Although where that child's parents are…?

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Cutting her off and bullying will, if anything, lead to her spiralling further down in illness. Posted 27 October - Poor kid is sitting there all by himself while Onion's two skanky bitches take stupid ass selfies. Wouldn't be surprised if she's super insecure right now with her post baby bod.

Submit a new text post. Ghetto fuck xxx. Nude striper pics He needs to grow the fuck up. My 2 year old nephew and one of his playmates were taken out trick or treating tonight for instance. Eugenia cooney nude pics. By VersusMarch 30, 7: He's sitting upright by himself but doesn't look able to walk or else he'd be following Lainey or Onion. Filming a music video? He's also fucking aging like milk and has bacne. Both look fake to me.

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Sexy xxx video in Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board. I still can't get over that. If he went vegan, he'd probably die, because he can't even manage a vegetarian diet properly.
30 something milf I don't know what Billie's ultimate goal is here, but I believe that she plays along with being Lainey's girlfriend so that Onion will look at her in an opposite light than Lainey.
LESBIAN DILDO DOUBLE PENETRATION I doubt there ever will be either since it's a such an old he said she said dispute. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. If you are a user who only contributes NSFW content to the sub-Reddit, you must also be invovled in it besides that if not you risk being banned.

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