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We serve cookies on this site to analyse traffic, remember your preferences, and optimise your experience. Page 3 girl pussy. The cop is just the bad guy -this- time. Because of that the snappening was soon followed by a lot of misinformation, causing many to dismiss the whole thing as a hoax. Naked selfies stolen. And if these cunts actually cared about public safety they wouldn't be storing nekkid pix of their twats for those hard-working Little Boy Blue's to be distracted by because they need to focus on saving us all from all the bogeyman running hither and yon.

Scooby Doo cosplay gone foully right. And if you take nude selfies, neither the police nor hackers nor anyone else gets to make you share them with the rest of the class.

We're done now, you're still too fucking stupid to understanbd I never supported the cops in any way, and that I think there's plenty of blame to go around. Their streaming player works really fast. Yeah, yeah, information security, know your rights, but those are side issues.

Forgot Username or Password? If you carry cash, it's going to get stolen at some point. Sexy girl webcam nude. I mean shit, save the name calling for dunphy, Tony, and shrike for fucks sake.

Another sportsman goes full frontal online Another professional athlete is involved in a scandal and this news is becoming viral over Have his partner try it. The page you are trying to access: Also, suggesting one doesn't take naked pics of themselves is not to suggest there be a law. Not only did the cops illegally access women's photos, they then proceeded to be judgmental dicks about them.

Mainly because this nude selfie issue is only one corner of a bigger problem with the police. I can sense in your indignant, roid-fueled internet rage that you're a true friend of our Heroes In Blue. Overwhelming majority of private photos and videos hackers stole were not particularly sexy. Are you ready to see a real straight man?

There's nothing inherently damaging about my private photos suddenly becoming not private. Probably not protected very well. Justn turned 18yo girl strip on phone camera. And a password doesn't offer any protection. Straight muscled guy taking naked selfies in the tanning center This hot straight stud took some selfies, both with underwear on Self filmed teen toying pussy.

Babes blondes brunettes Lesbian babes get naked to have lesbian fun in the gym 9: Oh, or credit cards or ID. Anthea turner tits. They beat me, broke my skull, and destroyed my knee forever, but no, I didn't open the safe.

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Short Selfie Compilation 6 Hidden cams Nude sports naked gymnasts 2: Use your cosmotarian feelings! If this is what it takes to get through to some people that police abuse is a real problem, so be it.

Also, suggesting one doesn't take naked pics of themselves is not to suggest there be a law. Naked pakistani models. Login or sign up. Are you ready to see a real straight man? God how fucking stupid are you? They won't stop a determined thief, but they will keep an honest person honest. How were these guys supposed to know it was wrong to do this? Christ, what the hell is wrong with that FYBC guy? I agree; it's blatant abuse of authority, and just a microcosm of how fucked up the situation has become, but there's absolutely nothing new to be seen here.

Cute getting girl Cute indian girl getting naked I wouldn't know, since I filtered him as soon as I saw his username. Naked selfies stolen. It was hopeless and unstoppable. It's as though you're saying the issue is people taking the photos and not the illegitimate use of force in stealing the photos. Self filmed blonde riding on dildo. Amatuer homemade outside Arab gets convinced to go naked in public 4: We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them.

This may shock you, but did you ever think it were possible that just maybe more than one person on the internet disagrees with you? And if you take nude selfies, neither the police nor hackers nor anyone else gets to make you share them with the rest of the class.

Wait, did I stumble onto some sort of bizarro reason?

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Unlike ''The fappening'', the victims are not only girls. Disney and nickelodeon girls nude. However, photos did not disappear. Seriously, what level of protection on my phone do I need to have before you say that it matters fuck all if I have pictures of my dong on it?

Or were her feelings just hurt? Feel the cocktail party invites FLOW through you!

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The race is not always to the swift, etc. Both offices have said they have reviewed the matter but are limited in what they can do by jurisdiction. Sign in to add this to a playlist. Naked werewolf girl. Milf solo big tits Please don't call it Cali. If you stepped away from fisting yourself for a minute you would see that your argument means that a police officer could search your asshole during a traffic top because it's unsecure.

I just assumed we were talking about a situation analogous to the one in your story. Both of those require someone to physically "do" something, it's not like it's a passive thing. Your reasoning justifies my robbing you if you flash money. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. And the cops are tot al scum and criminals here too. Naked selfies stolen. I love that you don't even understand what you're arguing.

This has fuckall to do with liberty, twat, it's about realizing that phones are not secure. I can't believe I never thought of it.

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