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Naked 2 eyeshadow palette

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But then again I cant get enough of neutral eyeshadows haha: Thanks for the comparisons and swatches, it helped me make up my mind on if I wanted to get Naked 2 or not! Love how beautifully you created that soft eyemakeup look!!

It takes a lot of packing and blending to make it work, which is a real shame given that mattes in Urban Decay palettes can be hard to come by!

Naked 2 eyeshadow palette

When I first heard about the second Naked palette on another site, it struck me just how much I rely on you for high quality swatches and detailed reviews. As I have a very pale skin, the palest shades are pretty invisible for me. Abby lane nude. The Deluxe Shadow Pallette has several bright colors, great pigmentation, 3 really pretty neutrals, and an awesome black. Naked 2 eyeshadow palette. I really would have preferred an antique gold in its place.

What blush color are you wearing for the pictures on this post? Selena December 1, at Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. They kept it under wraps pretty well — for beauty at least!

Urban Decay Pistol Eyeshadow. Which palette do you prefer? Even with a primer, the shadows tend to crease by the end of the day. If you HAD to only pick one, which would you say is more complimentary?? Newer Post Older Post. Overall, not feeling this. I have the original, but there are some gorgeous shades in this one too. Rena mero tits. Urban Decay reviews, photos and discussion. Its my go to for travel since it has a very slim case and there is such a variety of looks you can get with just this one palette.

I expect that the packaging of Naked 2 will appeal to others, though, as it feels more secure and hefty. About me Hi, I'm Jen! Which is to be expected to a certain degree. I'm sure that they'd be sold out during that time: I would rate it 5 stars for quality, but only for wearability - again, unless you can easily rock a lot of high-shimmer shadow or you don't mind mixing in other more matte shadows with the Naked 2. Makeup Recommendations Looking for the best makeup and beauty products?

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Your reviews are amazing--I actually got the first palette because your review was so comprehensive and helpful and I love it.

But then again I cant get enough of neutral eyeshadows haha: I really like the original Naked! I might encourage her to get one so I can try it out! Nothing wrong with that — Naked 2 is still a really great deal if you like the shades!

I'll still get Naked 2 to add to my collection, but Naked 1 has all the nice universal colors. Beeg asian lesbians. I love the look of Chopper and YDK. Thank you so much. Naked 2 eyeshadow palette. I really would have preferred an antique gold in its place. To make them appear more, I use a small sponge brush which allows to bring the pigment out nicely, but make sure you blend it all together with the Naked brush then!

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I already have other UD palettes that is included in this palette as well. More reviews by LisaLightwood. Truc December 1, at And it really looks veeery similar to the original one. Your feedback is really important to us to help improve your shopping experience in the future. Jade jones naked. IMO the better follow up to the original palette would have been to release the shades exclusive to that palette as singles. I have to be VERY careful, otherwise the looks can look frosty.

Reviews Browse By Type. Anonymous December 1, at 5: I also don't know if these colors would work for me, being olive toned, brown eyes and black hair BUT my boyfriend's sister is very fair with blue eyes and blonde hair and I think this would be a perfect gift for her. What would you suggest for an Asian girl like me that doesn't have either of the Naked palettes? I'm a fan of your blog: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Looking for the best makeup and beauty products? Hey, they could have at least thrown a couple cool and neutral ones in. Technically there are 5 new shades, but since Foxy was formerly discontinued, there are 6 in this palette that are new to UD's current lineup. Also, what are your thoughts on getting the Vice palette 2 instead? The palette comes nicely housed in a tin-style container, reminiscent of Asian pencil cases, with a mini Lip Junkie lipgloss in the shade "Naked", of course.

There are definitely a couple of shades that stand out more - in my own palette, I find that I use Half Baked glittery goldSnakebite shimmery brownPistol shimmery greyVerve shimmery silverYDK glittery silver with a hint of pinkand Busted shimmery dark purple-brown a lot more than the other shades. I love the original Naked palette even more I see after seeing Naked2.

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I like the range, and the black is a bonus. My only problem I think will be getting my hands on one of these living in rural Australia. Lesbian roman porn. Or view popular products. Maybe it's because I know have more pigmented shadows in my collection, but I definitely remember it being better than it used to. I don't care that the colors are similar as my collection almost consists of neutral colors anyway, so An assortment of beautiful colors. Naked 2 eyeshadow palette. Aishwarya rai nude sex scene I wanted this matte to be silkier than it is. This one is quite harsh on pressed powder and lifts a lot of product from the palette, but there's quite a lot of fallout from the brush itself.

Hi Christine, Aside from Verve and Half Baked, there are a few more colours that are repromotes, right? Cotton Candy December 1, at 7: This was the first palette I bought when I started experimenting with eye shadows, and it remains the only eye shadow palette I own because I keep a contrived rule of finishing or tossing items before purchasing anything similar.

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Girlfriend fucks mom The Deluxe Shadow Pallette has several bright colors, great pigmentation, 3 really pretty neutrals, and an awesome black. Similar to Sidecar Naked 1 but a touch warmer and without glitter. I have Naked 1 and have really enjoyed using it.
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Family sexy xxx I use naked 1 on a everyday basis when i go to work and i work in an office environment. I don't have either of the palette's but am going to purchase one for sure but I'm having trouble deciding on which one and I was wondering if you could help me?? Original Naked Palette below.

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