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Is it legal to answer the door naked

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Neighbors have called the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police multiple times over the years. Nina agdal naked videos. People never seem to stay interested beyond a religious argument anymore. Is it legal to answer the door naked. Just kinda being in good humor. Thinking it was a friend of mine or someone who at least knew me I carried it to the door had it in my hands when the bell rang laying everything out to start disassembly.

But this man was so rude I don't think I'll be so polite next time: Also, to expand conversation, share your stories, and heck, we can even include telephone salesmen in this discussion, those rascals. You may not vote on this poll. I'd imagine if you're still in your house, it could be somewhat of a grey area. That explains your reaction completely. Not religious and not one to randomly buy stuff. Free milf blowjob pics. Gotta love these boards. The woman delivering the pizza told officers Gonzalez made no attempts at covering himself.

Send a private message to charlie Similar Threads Want results Disaster Preparedness General Discussion. The mechanic guy tried to shake my hand and I had to use my left hand lol. Well, I have a package for you! Damn, now where did I put those boxes. What if I just have the screen door there and someone knocks and I come peek around the hall at them and maybe walk towards them a little bit? Very few people don't mind seeing a naked chick!

If it's an older person I just ignore them. Update we have been bulk correcting accounts apologies for the inconvenience. I eventually got up, pulled on a pair of gym shorts, and answered the door. That guy's been doing this for the last 10 years or so without being charged, as there just isn't anything suitable to charge him with so long as he doesn't leave his premises.

I usually just either don't answer the door, or open it and say "I don't give a fuck", and close it. Generally "where you are visible to the public.

Hodges said neighbors have asked Leeper to seek professional help. Silhouettes through curtains don't trigger public indecency laws. Tumblr nude hot women. Trixie is a hooker's name, right? Eastern VA, on the bay Posts: What do you guys do when a Jehovah's witness, or any kind of salesman etc. Controversial News and Alternative Politics.

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What if some kids knock on the wrong door? No, create an account now. I'm sure it happens a lot, doubtful there would be repercussions. Youporn anal milf. Generally "where you are visible to the public. All I could say was 'Listen Sir, I can cope with my own problems, and right now your being quite intimidating'. No Door to Door Gun Confiscations. Originally Posted by dave nz.

And a blunt in my mouth. April 15th, But there must be grey areas. Would you like to see better stuff offered in the contest?

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Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Survivalist Forum forums, you must first register. Just in case that springs up urgh. Asian big tit threesome. To get a little more accurate to your situation, you're looking for NC General Statute It's the polite thing to do. Is it legal to answer the door naked. It is a misdemeanor to open your door naked in several states, but being buck naked makes it a felony in Utah, Tennessee, and Vermont. I see many legitimate reasons why one might inadvertently open the door nude. BB code is On.

What about a hotel room door? What's the freaking difference? I'm gonna have a top hat on and an inflatable guitar strapped on me. There is this guy, I know of. Again so people don't think of me wrong, I have no interest in actually answering the door naked. Valerie dodds nude. A few weeks ago a FedEx delivery guy came to our door after my wife and I had just finished a rousing round of sex. If I have time I usually talk to them as they're quite nice and heck, how often do you get into a theological debate before you know someone's name.

For discussion of hypothetical legal questions, or other off topic law related questions please visit Legaladviceofftopic. Originally Posted by das I understand you don't try to be intimidating, and quite frankly I'm amazed that JW's do what they do; must be really difficult at times.

I'm sorry, not sorry. When Did You Become Mature?

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Ron Senior Member Admiral. The judge threw it out since there wasn't an attempt on his part to expose himself in a leud way. Log in or sign up in seconds.

The guy just smiled, had me sign, and left. Lesbians in slime. Jessica alba naked sex scene Is it legal to answer the door naked. No Door to Door Gun Confiscations. Switch to Threaded Mode.

And that's kind of pathetic. It's yer man Chewy here! The problem, the boxers I chose, the fly didn't close all the way. May 5th, Hodges said neighbors have asked Leeper to seek professional help. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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